Peeping Tom arrested: He was a crooked monk in Wat Srah Chork Pagoda 28-Jun-2010


Neth Khay sitting next to police officers during the raid (All photos: Bunry, Koh Santepheap)
Neth Khay showing the hidden camera inside the bathroom
Bathroom where the victims were videotaped
Neth Khay ordered disrobed by the pagoda chief
Neth Khay changing into street clothes after being disrobed
Neth Khay taken into custody
Police searching Neth Khay's Lexus vehicle

Search uncovered more than 300 additional photos in phone memory banks of crooked monk Neth Khay

27 June 2010

By Koh Ekreach
Koh Santepheap News
Translated from Khmer by Neay Choch

Phnom Penh – Following the turmoil surrounding the distribution by Bluetooth phone of videos showing several naked women taking their holy bath, the police uncovered more than 300 other pictures in the phone memory of former monk Neth Khay who lived in monk housing no. 1, Wat Srah Chork Pagoda, Srah Chork commune, Daun Penh district, Phnom Penh city. The pictures were recovered during a search and arrest made on 26 June 2010. Some of pictures were videos while others were still photos.

Police experts from the Daun Penh district indicated on 23 June 2010 that relatives of one of the victims complained to the police by showing the article published by Koh Santepheap on 18 June calling on all the victims to come forward and bring their complaints to the police so that the culprits involved can be arrested.

According to the victim’s complaint, the police was able to locate the location of the monk housing in Wat Srah Chork, and a raid led by Sok Sambath, the Daun Penh district police commissioner, was conducted on 26 June 2010. 37-year-old former monk Neth Khay was arrested, he was a native of Russei village, Daun Tei commune, Ponhea Krek district, Kampong Cham province. According to the court warrant, the police searched monk housing no. 1 where Neth Khay lived, they uncovered 82 VCDs, 2 phone memory banks, 4 mobile phones, a DVD editing machine, an incense container can where a camera was hidden inside, one computer set, one white Lexus RX300 car bearing the license plate 2M-6390, $5,134 in US currency, 670,000 riels ($170) and a passport.

Following the search, the police uncovered more than 300 photos of naked women in the phone memory banks, some of them were on videos, while others are still photos. Some of these photos are also found in the mobile phone of the crooked monk as well. The police indicated that these photos were taken through a hidden camera installed in the bathroom, and there are no less than 5 hidden cameras planted in there for the crooked monks and his accomplices to take picture when the victims are taking their bath in there.

Relatives of the victim whom Koh Santepheap published an article about but did not show any of her picture thanked Koh Santepheap through the police for not posting any of her naked picture in order to protect her honor, and it was through this publication that they learned about this incident and brought their complaint to the police. The swift raid on the crooked monk earned the praise from the victim’s family.

The Phnom Penh police called on all other women who were victimized by this crooked monk to come forward and bring in their complaints in order to bring additional charges on the crooked monk. The Daun Penh district police said that they have filed the case of Neth Khay to the Phnom Penh court already, charging him with “taping and distribution of naked pictures.”