Sourn Serey Ratha accuses World Khmer Radio of using the name of the MoI to warn a volunteer working for his KPPM radio station 29-Apr-2011

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The Khmer World Radio, leaded by Ok Soeum, Sam Borin and San Savit this week used the name of Cambodia Ministry of Interior to warn Ms. Keo Ratana, a voluntee as reporter for KPPM Radio. Ms. Keo Ratana, who is working as volunteer of Khmer World Radio but after KPPM Radio launched it program broadcasting, she was willing to help KPPM Radio because of she supported our KPPM policies. She work volunteer for KPPM Radio only 2 times then the management of Khmer World Radio call her to warn, and use the name of Cambodia Ministry of Interior to treat her that if she is stilling to work for KPPM Radio then she will get problem.

The leader of Khmer World Radio called KPPM Radio is an opposition Radio (So it is mean full that Khmer World Radio is a supporting radio which is to support a puppet government in Phnom Penh).

It is so surprise that one Radio Online which appeal support from Khmer oversea the same KPPM and other nationalist movement too but they hide the real of their naturalization under jealous and working for puppet government without sense.

After the leaders of Khmer World Radio used the name of Cambodia Ministry of Interior to warn and threat Ms. Keo Ratana, have talking to one of Khmer World Staff in Phnom Penh and then asking for the proof of letter from the Ministry of Interior but until today I & KPPM Radio editor in Bangkok have not yet feedback. So it is showing exactly that leaders of Khmer World Radio lies and just use the power of Cambodia Ministry of Interior to threat the volunteer of reporter who wish to work for KPPM Radio.

As a former of Radio Editor-In-Chief and Freeland Journalist for 10 years since I was working in Phnom Penh, I really sorry for bad culture of team Khmer World Radio which is not understand well of the professionalism and rights of freelance reporter or rights of volunteer.

It is unbelievable that amount Khmer leaders who pretend them self as a Khmer nationalist but finally their action and their behavior are not open mind.

Does Khmer World radio alone can wake up Khmer people to up rise their power in future soon for change?

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